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Explore new use cases by bringing your own data to our XOR Platform.
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Credit Score Development
Build a better credit scoring algorithm with a privacy-preserving logistic regression model using data from banks and government agencies.
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Fraud Detection
Build secure, collaborative XGBoost models and predict fraudulent transactions accurately using data from multiple banks.
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Heart Failure Prediction
Predict the risk of heart disease in next 10 years using privacy-preserving logistic regression model and sample data from a hospital, tobacco company and third-party data.




Get Started with Privacy-Preserving
Machine Learning (PPML)

Build models leveraging sensitive data from multiple, private sources using Inpher’s Secret Computing Platform, XOR.

Perform Data Science on Distributed, Private Data

Access the infrastructure and tools to build secure, privacy-compliant models without knowing advanced cryptographic techniques like MPC.

Develop Models Using Intuitive UI or XOR-Py

Get immediate access to everything needed to build models; use the XOR UI if you prefer click-and-build or XOR-Py for Python notebooks.

Build Real-World PPML Applications

Review a variety of PPML applications through step-by-step tutorials, real-world data and example notebooks derived from industry-specific applications across Financial Services, Health & Life Sciences, IoT and more.

What Is
Secret Computing?


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    XOR Trial FAQ

    Who is this trial intended for?

    Inpher’s free trial is an ideal way for data scientists and ML researchers to get an understanding of how a privacy-preserving ML platform can make their day-to-day work easier and more efficient in building ML models with sensitive data without gaining cryptographic expertise.

    Are there prerequisites to use XOR trial?

    XOR Platform is built for data scientists. The trial platform has an intuitive UI and interactive Python notebook making it flexible for data scientists to choose what works best for them.

    I am in a leadership role. Should I use this trial?

    XOR Platform can help you securely and compliantly build ML models, but this trial version is really designed for data scientists. Offer to have members of your team give us a try. You can also reach out to us to discuss your specific problems.

    Is any product documentation available?

    Yes, with XOR Trial you get access to product demos, developer portal and step-by-step how-to guide for all the use cases.

    Can I bring my own data?

    Yes! Bring your own data notebook to XOR. To make the most of the is notebook, you will need to upload datasets belonging to 3 different players (player 0, 1, and 2). Get started by filling out the form to the right.

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