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Solution Brief

New Approaches to Tackling Financial Crimes: Secure Data Collaboration With XOR

This solution brief presents four case studies that illustrate how institutions that leverage Inpher can more effectively identify and combat financial crime.

White Paper

Balancing Privacy: Leveraging Privacy Budgets for Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Get valuable insights into privacy budget, a critical (and sometimes overlooked) aspect in ensuring robust privacy preservation in any given PETs project.


Better Together: Next Generation ESG Reporting Capabilities with Inpher’s XOR Platform & Oracle Cloud EPM

Oracle Cloud EPM and Inpher XOR Platform provide a comprehensive solution that allows you to securely plan, manage, and report on your ESG practices.


Build Better Models with Sensitive Data

Learn more about Inpher’s technologies and capabilities that enable our corporate and government partners to develop their data-driven platforms based on customer consent, privacy and trust.