Inpher Advances Roadmap In Support Of Government Privacy AI Mandates

Inpher Advances Roadmap In Support Of Government Privacy AI Mandates


Inpher Advances Roadmap In Support Of Government Privacy AI Mandates

Executive Order On Secure AI Bolsters Inpher’s Commitment To Government Sector

New York, New York – (November 07 , 2023) Inpher, pioneers in privacy-enhancing computation, today announced the strategic advancements of their solution portfolio to align with President Biden’s Executive Order on the Secure and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence.

President Biden’s Executive Order specifically emphasizes the need to develop and promote guidelines for federal agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of privacy-preserving techniques, and advancing Responsible AI systems. As the government sector increasingly recognizes the importance of privacy-enhancing measures for AI, Inpher continues its commitment to be the leader in privacy-enhancing computation that enables secure and ethical AI.

“The executive order from the White House is mission critical,” said Dr. Jordan Brandt, chief executive officer and co-founder at Inpher. “Generative AI represents a new paradigm in how we use AI for commercial benefit and public good. We are thrilled to be working with partners and government agencies to enable them to leverage AI, while ensuring complete trust and security with sensitive data.”

Inpher’s specialized efforts in this domain are designed to ensure that government agencies have the tools and knowledge needed to adopt AI that prioritizes privacy and data security. Inpher’s strategic partnerships with Oracle and In-Q-Tel highlight their commitment to collaborating with industry leaders at the forefront of data security, privacy, and AI.

“Inpher’s long-standing experience serving government clients and partners has enabled us to build strong relationships with agencies dedicated to safeguarding citizens’ data. We are committed to continuing our support of our government clients’ existing and planned projects with the award-winning XOR platform, while also supporting their future endeavors in secure artificial intelligence,” said Marcella Arthur, chief revenue officer at Inpher.

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Inpher, Inc. is the leader in privacy-enhancing computation that empowers organizations to collaborate on sensitive data seamlessly and securely across teams and borders. Inpher’s award-winning platform employs machine learning and AI in order to remove data barriers and silos while delivering the highest level of trust and precision in even the most complex data collaboration initiatives. Founded by world-renowned cryptographers and engineers, Inpher has long been recognized as a pioneer in the fields of secure Multiparty Computation (MPC), Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), Federated Learning (FL), and other combinations of privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs). Inpher continues to deliver enterprise ready capabilities and real world examples.

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