Inpher XOR Integrates with Microsoft Azure

Inpher XOR Integrates with Microsoft Azure


XOR Now Runs on Azure VMs Advancing the Sensitive Data Collaboration Landscape

Inpher, pioneers in secure data collaboration, today announced that their award-winning XOR privacy preserving Platform fully integrates with Microsoft Azure confidential computing trusted execution environments (TEEs). This integrated offering provides a secure foundation that operationalizes the combination of privacy enhancing technologies for data-driven enterprise customers, which ensures high precision and cryptographic security no matter the size, scope, or location of sensitive data sets with regulatory compliance assurance.    

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Microsoft’s Azure confidential computing team,” said Inpher chief technology officer and co-founder, Dimitar Jetchev. “With XOR running on Azure VMs, the many financial institutions we are currently in the trenches with are able to leverage their shift to Azure while applying proven cryptographic techniques to their distributed datasets with privacy preservation assurance.” Continued Jetchev 

Large scale enterprises are continuously having to explore new ways of maximizing the power and value of their data, while always ensuring that regulatory compliance and privacy policies are enforced. This integration with Azure offers Microsoft customers a centralized secure data orchestration solution that allows for sharing expansive sensitive data sets, no matter their location with precise predictive learnings and deeper analytics.   

“Microsoft Azure confidential computing gives customers the ability to move their most sensitive data and workloads to the cloud by protecting data in use, in memory on Azure,” commented head of product, Microsoft Azure confidential computing, Vikas Bhatia.  “Once migrated, customers can leverage all of the data analytics and machine learning on disparate data sets offered by Inpher’s XOR while using Azure confidential computing to run those workloads confidentially, giving added protection from external threats and unauthorized third parties.”

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About Inpher

Inpher, Inc. is a New York-based, global Secret Computing© company that powers privacy preserving machine learning and analytics to unlock the value of sensitive, siloed data and enable secure collaboration across teams and organizations. Data scientists leverage Inpher’s XOR SaaS Platform to train and run machine learning models on deeper and more diverse data while it is encrypted to improve model performance with mathematically guaranteed data privacy and residency.  Global enterprises use XOR Platform in multiple vertical applications across finance, healthcare and IoT. Inpher’s team of recognized leaders in the fields of Multiparty Computation (MPC), Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), and Federated Learning (FL) continue to deliver the fastest, high-precision privacy preserving capabilities. 

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