Deep Learning in Finance

Deep Learning in Finance


The Deep Learning in Finance Summit hosted by Re-Work on March 15-16 in London brings together experts and practitioners in AI from around the world to discuss novel methods and applications in FSI.  Topics include fraud detection, sentiment analysis, representation learning and of course data privacy under new regulatory environments.  In addition to Inpher’s CEO, there are many great speakers on the schedule:

  • Ash Booth, Head of Artificial Intelligence at HSBC

  • AJ Hashim, Head of Innovation & Emerging Tech at Barclays

  • Michael Natusch, Global Head of AI at Prudential

  • David Hand, Professor of Mathematics at Imperial College London

  • Horia Velicu, Head of Innovation Lab at Société Générale

Join what promises to be an articulate and poignant discourse on the capabilities and current limitations of Deep Learning in the complex legal and operational landscape of banking and finance.