Cofounder & CTO Dr. Dimitar Jetchev Featured on the Frontpage of Forbes Bulgaria

Cofounder & CTO Dr. Dimitar Jetchev Featured on the Frontpage of Forbes Bulgaria


SOFIA, BULGARIA – Inpher Cofounder & CTO Dr. Dimitar Jetchev was recently featured on the frontpage of Forbes Bulgaria. Dimitar spoke about his recent COVID campaign for medical supplies to hospitals in Bulgaria, his upbringing, and the Secret Computing work he pioneers at Inpher.

Inpher Cofounder & CTO Dr. Dimitar Jetchev

In March 2020, Dimitar returned home to Bulgaria for three months during the pandemic. While in Sofia, he participated in the COVID-19 technology hackathon both as an invited speaker and as a mentor. One of the teams he mentored, Airbind, was placed in the top 6 winners of the leading EU COVID-19 hackathon, EUvsVirus.

During the hackathon, Dimitar started collaborating with one of the main organizers of the hackathon — Mina Draganova, a marketing strategist at P&G, Switzerland and Andrey Raykov from the online education site — on a charitable initiative called “On the Front Line.” The goal of the initiative was to help Bulgarian medics in the fight against the virus. Dimitar, Mina and Andrey delivered over 20,000 high-class FFP2 protective masks to front-line workers at hospitals in the poorest regions of the European Union. Recently, Forbes Bulgaria wrote another article titled “A Business Approach to Charity” featuring the campaign.

Dimitar also spoke about his upbringing in Bulgaria and the successes he’s had in mathematics throughout his life. From the Balkan and the International Mathematical Olympiads to a scholarship at Harvard, Dimitar always excelled in mathematics as he “likes tasks that are non-traditional and require more creativity and ingenuity,” a primary reason why he fell in love with cryptography and cofounded Inpher.

Dimitar also highlighted his work at Inpher and some of the ground-breaking use cases of Secret Computing. He covered credit modeling and fraud collaboration across multiple financial institutions in addition to applications in healthcare such as digital diagnostics, clinical trials and human genome studies. Dimitar sees huge potential for privacy-preserving analytics across a number of industries and truly believes that Secret Computing can benefit society by augmenting analytical capabilities while maintaining data privacy and security throughout the analysis.

Read the fully-translated Forbes article here — and thanks to Dimitar for the inspiring work!