Bring Your Own Data With Inpher

Bring Your Own Data With Inpher


Bring Your Own Data With Inpher

Inpher Launches Enterprise-Ready BYOD Initiative For Seamless Secure Data Collaboration And AI Project Exploration

New York, New York – (October 17 , 2023) Inpher, pioneers in privacy-enhancing computation, today announced the launch of their complimentary Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) initiative which enables enterprise customers to use their own data and kickstart their secure data collaboration projects. This is a first step for many enterprises looking to leverage Inpher’s proven and award-winning XOR Platform and begin prototyping projects with their own data sets before transitioning to a production environment.

“The results of enterprise data collaboration and AI projects are dependent on three key factors; having good data, organizational support and the robustness of a secure platform to deliver the results,” said Dr. Jordan Brandt, chief executive officer and co-founder at Inpher.

No data collaboration project is the same, as they are greatly impacted by the data types, participants and the specificity of the project owners’ common goals. With BYOD, customers have access to a free, entry level version of the XOR Platform that, coupled together with quick start Jupyter Notebooks, can serve as comprehensive guides, covering a wide range of use-cases and scenarios to help you make the most out of your data. By exploring this and Inpher’s many additional resources, customers can gain insights into different methodologies and best practices for data processing, model training, and more.

“Our BYOD initiative enables users to take their data for a ride while learning our platform and its capabilities – we are extremely proud of this initiative and its evolution is in direct response to the needs of the enterprise and feedback from our customers.” Added Brandt.

We recommend starting with the XOR Trial sample use cases that cover a broad set of industry challenges, then leverage BYOD to test out your own data.

Watch the tutorial:

About Inpher

Inpher, Inc. is the leader in privacy-enhancing computation that empowers organizations to collaborate on sensitive data seamlessly and securely across teams and borders. Inpher’s award-winning platform employs machine learning and AI in order to remove data barriers and silos while delivering the highest level of trust and precision in even the most complex data collaboration initiatives. Founded by world-renowned cryptographers and engineers, Inpher has long been recognized as a pioneer in the fields of secure Multiparty Computation (MPC), Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), Federated Learning (FL), and other combinations of privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs). Inpher continues to deliver enterprise ready capabilities and real world examples.

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