Accelerating Moore4Medical’s Innovation: Ensuring Patient Privacy in Healthcare AI

Accelerating Moore4Medical’s Innovation: Ensuring Patient Privacy in Healthcare AI


We live in an era where the borders between Pharmaceuticals, MedTech, and the Electronic Components and Systems industry (ECS) are fading. With the intersections between these domains, new opportunities have emerged for healthcare companies and hospitals to deliver better, affordable, and personalized healthcare. One such initiative recently announced is Moore4Medical, an EU-driven project pioneered by Philips and top European healthcare providers and hospitals.


Moore4Medical brings together leading companies, universities, and institutes across Europe to develop open technology platforms for emerging medical domains to help them bridge ”the Valley of Death” in a shorter time and at a lower cost. Inpher, a Secret Computing® company that modernizes the privacy-preserving AI and analytics experience, is one of only four Swiss companies selected by this prestigious consortium.

Inpher’s Secret Computing technology will help Philips and member organizations to share patient data and collaborate securely and privately while adhering to strict GDPR compliance requirements. One such use case is on the early detection of heart arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation, where Philips and the M4M consortia will collaborate with partner hospitals to build a distributed ML platform across their infrastructure, hospitals, and edge sleeping monitoring devices.

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