Empowering Women Leaders: The Impact of Women in High-Tech

Empowering Women Leaders: The Impact of Women in High-Tech


As a junior professional, venturing into the high-tech space has been a truly unique and eye-opening journey filled with brilliant encounters. One of the most inspiring aspects of this ride has been the opportunity to work alongside remarkable women who are undoubtedly shaping the industry’s future, and, consequently, the future itself! However, despite our boundless and immense potential in high-tech, it is no secret that women are vastly underrepresented in this space, making up only 28% of the workforce in science, technology, engineering, and math (1). In high tech, specifically within cybersecurity and privacy, these figures get even smaller. Even so, these visionary leaders continue to challenge the status quo by leveraging their perspectives to ultimately reshape the tech landscape. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the inspiring women in tech leadership, their profound impact, and the ways in which we can work to pave the path for a more inclusive future in our space that nurtures the next generation of women in tech leadership.

Diversity within our ever-evolving industry serves as a catalyst for innovation and creativity. In recent years, there’s been a spike in global recognition of the need to challenge traditional norms, break down gender barriers and introduce a more diverse leadership model. Reshma Saujani, a spirited advocate for women in administration in tech, underlines the crucial role of women’s unique perspectives in driving progress, stating that diversity in our domain is the “key to innovation.(2) ” As someone who has had the utter privilege of working alongside many of these inspiring women within the cryptography, cybersecurity, and data privacy space, each has been some of the most welcoming and supportive individuals in my career journey. They recognize the underrepresentation of women in our respective fields and embrace all to foster an inclusive, collaborative environment where diversity and, as a direct result, innovation thrive. I am humbled to have crossed paths with remarkable women who have left a mark on our team at Inpher and beyond.

Among them, Dr. Mariya Georgieva, our brilliant Vice President of Cryptography and head of Engineering, stands as an exceptional and innovative industry thought leader. Dr. Georgieva plays a pivotal role in driving our success at Inpher through insightful research and cutting-edge solutions, empowering us to innovate and grow. As co-author of the groundbreaking TFHE, which forms the backbone of our pioneering privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) research, Dr. Georgieva’s contributions in the deep tech space are both renowned and legendary.

Another inspiring figure which I have had the pleasure of working alongside is Abson Sae-Tang, Inpher’s dedicated Director of Engineering. Abson’s unwavering commitment to our team and the PETs space is commendable. Her adherence to pushing the technical boundaries and continuous skill development is a testament to her admirable determination to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies. Recently, Abson has enrolled in two highly relevant courses at iMD- Inspirational Leadership and Strategic Thinking- exemplifying her dedication to personal growth and leadership, an inspiration to all to strive for excellence.

It has been my experience that these women and the other women in high tech, from colleagues to keynote speakers and advisors, exhibit genuine camaraderie, knowing that the journey to gender balance in these areas is still a work in progress. Their openness and encouragement cultivate an atmosphere that empowers women to embrace their passions, break barriers and carve out their paths in this dynamic space of ours. This unwavering support paves the way for a more balanced tech landscape, and, it is my hope that this welcoming spirit remains consistent not only in cryptography and data privacy, but extends to all corners of the tech industry.

A future where women’s contributions are celebrated and welcomed in this same vein across tech and STEM is a future of boundless opportunities and unprecedented achievements. By embracing diversity, we will usher in a new era of progress fueled by collaboration, inclusivity, and the brilliance of all individuals. I hope we continue to champion this welcoming arm, allowing for a transformative tech industry that recognizes and harnesses the power of women’s leadership and ingenuity.

This journey to gender balance in deep tech is certainly not over, but, the collective efforts of women within these fields are driving progress and creating a more balanced, progressive industry. As we continue to champion the contributions of women and their unique perspectives, let us foster a tech landscape where brilliance knows no gender and all individuals are welcomed and empowered to thrive. Through cultivating an environment of inclusivity and collaboration, we pave the way for a future where women’s leadership and ingenuity can flourish, transforming the tech industry into a beacon of limitless possibilities.