Get started with Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning (PPML) and experience what it’s like to build models by securely leveraging sensitive data from various sources.

Do Data Science, Not Data Compliance

Get self-service access to the infrastructure you need to build secure models without knowing the nuances of data privacy or advanced cryptographic functions.

Build Models Using Intuitive UI or XOR-Py

Get immediate access to everything needed to build models: XOR UI if you prefer click-and-build or XOR-Py if you prefer Jupyter notebooks.

Get PPML Experience with Your Use Case of Choice

Building models is tough enough – learning the nuances of privacy leakage in AI shouldn’t be. XOR Trial Beta platform supports a variety of use cases with step-by-step tutorials built around popular Kaggle datasets, including Credit Score Development, Heart Disease Prediction, and Home Price Prediction.

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