Inpher-Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partnership Offers Privacy Preserving Ai/Ml Platform

Inpher-Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partnership Offers Privacy Preserving Ai/Ml Platform


Inpher-Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partnership Offers Privacy Preserving Ai/Ml Platform

Inpher Privacy-Enhancing Computation Platform Accelerates Secure Data Collaboration And Ai Initiatives On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

New York, New York – September 21, 2023 Inpher, pioneers in privacy-enhanced computation, today announced their XOR Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning Platform is now available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The XOR Platform enables data scientists to build better machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) models by running analytics on distributed data sources with cryptographic guarantees about the security of the data inputs.

The XOR Platform for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) users delivers enterprise-ready data science capabilities to develop, test, integrate, and deploy cryptographically secure workflows from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace listing in just a few clicks. This enables enterprise customers to seamlessly provision, deploy, and kickstart their data collaboration and AI initiatives quickly, which allows XOR users to unlock the value of sensitive data across teams, organizations, and geographies without moving it. All Oracle Cloud Marketplace apps are offered by approved, registered, and expert partners and developers.

“Providing enterprise customers with a one-stop-shop for their sensitive data collaboration and AI initiatives is a significant achievement for not just Inpher, but also for our market.” commented Dr. Jordan Brandt, chief executive officer at Inpher. “Our aim is to take the complexity out of provisioning and usage for customers whether on premise, in the cloud, or across hybrid, cross-border scenarios.”

Privacy and data sovereignty initiatives are complex. Safeguarding privacy while extracting value from organizational data is challenging because data sets are distributed across borders, organizations, governance, and policy mandates. XOR’s technology and proven cryptographic techniques deliver analytical precision while accelerating large-scale enterprise data sharing initiatives.

Globally, legislators are examining proposals to increase sustainability reporting requirements. These regulatory changes are likely to have a significant impact on organizations in the coming years. Now, more than ever, organizations need to be ready with a comprehensive solution for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting that offers transparency to all stakeholders and regulators while protecting sensitive data.

Oracle Cloud EPM and XOR for ESG

Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) provides a comprehensive solution that allows users to control, manage, and distribute ESG enterprise data with integrated approval workflow, security, accountability, and audit capabilities. This easily standardizes enterprise data definitions and can adapt to new reporting mandates, frameworks, and standards by improving decisions with built-in intelligence and advanced analytics. Inpher’s XOR Platform powers federated analysis of sensitive data that complements Oracle Cloud EPM with cryptographic security using privacy enhancing technologies. XOR conducts secure analysis on the cloud and supports complex ML algorithms to prevent data re-identification of ESG reporting.

“As the volume of data grows, so does the need for constant innovation to extract greater insight from that data.” stated Rand Waldron, vice president, OCI Global Government Sector. “With the Inpher platform on the OCI Marketplace, our enterprise customers can seamlessly adopt Inpher’s technologies to accelerate their secure data collaboration and AI initiatives with the assurance that privacy is always preserved.”

About Inpher

Inpher, Inc. is a New York-based, foremost leader in privacy-enhanced computation that empowers organizations to seamlessly adopt privacy-enhancing technologies. Inpher’s award-winning platform revolutionizes secure collaboration across teams, borders by employing machine learning and AI that removes data barriers and siloes while delivering the highest level of trust and precision to even the most complex data collaboration initiatives. Founded by world-renowned cryptographers and engineers, Inpher has long been recognized as a leader in the fields of secure Multiparty Computation (MPC), Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), and Federated Learning (FL), and other combinations of Privacy-preserving Technologies (PETs) and continue to deliver the fastest, high-precision privacy-preserving capabilities.

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